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  • Complete Fire Protection Concepts – Cost Effective Solutions

    FSD is offering technical solutions for a safer, more profitable and more sustainable business

  • Fire Safety Design – Over 40 Years Experience

    Focused knowledge combined with research & development

  • Performance Based Design – Structural Fire Protection

    Optimisation of passive fire protection for load bearing and separating structures

  • Fire Safety Design – Risk Management – Tunnel Safety

    Sophisticated methods based on a considerable investment in knowledge, research and development

State of the Art Fire Safety Engineering Design

FSD provides leading edge consultancy services in fire safety engineering, risk management, crisis management and environmental engineering for clients around the world. Performance-based state of the art methods are combined with focused knowledge, research and development and over 30 years of experience.

FSD's business strategy is to provide it's clients with cost-effective and sophisticated safety solutions based on a considerable investment in knowledge, research and computational methods. FSD is offering its clients technical solutions that can result in a safer, more profitable and more environmentally sustainable business.

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Fire Protection

FSD works with fire protection in both new and existing buildings.



FSD supports You in the process of making Your enterprise resilient and secure that You reach Your business targets.

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Risk Analysis

We at FSD help our customers map out and prepare for good risk management for small and large projects.

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Tunnel Safety

FSD develops total fire protection solutions for new and existing road, rail and metro tunnels.

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