Malmö Arena

Malmö Arena

FSD is creating flexible fire protection in Malmö’s new multipurpose arena in Hyllie.

Malmö Arena is the Redhawks’ main arena but their matches are only a small part of the bouquet of different events that take place in this multipurpose arena. There is room for 15,000 people (seated) with over 3,250 seats in the restaurant areas.

FSD has been working on the plans for Malmö Arena for a long time and the goal has been to create flexible solutions that make the architect’s creation possible at the same time as savings with regard to evacuation routes, stairways, etc., can be made. In order to develop a cost-effective fire protection solution desired by Parkfast AB, an analytical project design is required, i.e., the solution is verified by means of calculations. The evacuation situation can be studied in detail and in this way, the stairwells, corridors etc. can be optimized. At the same time, calculations have been carried out of probable fire scenarios to study how smoke spread throughout the building in the event of a fire.

FSD’s goal is to, by using a controlled project design, ensure that the final solution is safe and cost-effective during the construction and administrative stages.

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