In an increasingly unpredictable and complex environment, the Risk and Crisis Management Area is undergoing an important development. 

We are moving from merely inventing, quantifying and managing problems and risks in the business, towards also focusing on business opportunities and, not least, the ability to handle crises in a way that makes you learn and get better. In case of major crises, you can even win market shares by managing the crisis better than your competitors.

FSD's offer is based on linking together risk management with crisis management and continuity planning to help you become resilient and ensure that you achieve your goals regardless of circumstances.

What is resilience or business resilience?

Simply put, resilience is a measure of the ability of a company or organization to regain its production or service to its customers after experiencing any kind of serious problems - no matter what.

“the quality of being able to return quickly to a previous good condition after problems”
(Definition of “resilience” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary)

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