Risk- and crisis management

Risk- and crisis management

How can you develop resilience and reach your goals?

A structured management of your business risks builds added value for your organization, but also for customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Risk management ensures that the business reaches its goals and plans by:

  • providing a tool for developing new business or business opportunities and managing uncertainties in existing operations in a systematic and consistent manner
  • improving decision making, planning and prioritization by creating insight regarding threats, opportunities and sensitivity in activities and projects
  • being an integral part of the organization's regular processes
  • helping identify and reduce risk levels in flows before and after core business ensuring efficient use of capital and resources
  • developing and support people and the organization's knowledge base
  • protecting and strengthen the brand of the business

But if ...

In all enterprises, situations occur daily where you or your Employees are forced to make decisions outside the normal framework.

Most of the decisions can be made without the production or service being affected or even notice that something has happened outside normal operations. This provided that the organization is effective and that managers and employees are competent and know their roles and their mandates.

Sometimes events or situations occur which, if not handled wisely, might endanger your business, from serious disturbances, to survival in your market.

In order to be able to handle these events as effectively and competently as the daily ones, some reflection, analysis and action are needed.

Let FSD help you with this!

Our idea is based on developing the inherent ability already in your business, based on the above reasoning to:

  • identify business critical risks and flows
  • verify organization and decision making  
  • establish awareness and understanding of how you can use your existing organization and ability to handle critical events and situations without changing steering frameworks and processes more than necessary.
  • create lasting ability and self-confidence by training the organization.

FSD Resilience offers a preliminary study in close co-operation, where we review and document the present status of your organization. Based on this we recommend measures that should be taken to improve your resilience. The presentation is tailored to your needs and wishes.

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