Security and safety

Security and safety

The overall goal of Security and safety work is to raise awareness of how your business or project can act for a safer everyday life in order to strengthen your organization and achieve your goals. FSD Resilience believes that security and safety in an organization are based on people's values, attitudes and behaviors where added value is created through both organizational and technical solutions.

FSD Resilience offers a system based on:

  • a comprehensive analysis in close cooperation with you for the purpose of mapping security challenges, including perimeter analysis, fencing, flow of people, indoor and outdoor environments
  • a review of your organization in terms of inventory of threats to personnel and management as well as threats to the company's information assets, buildings and equipment
  • increased self-experienced safety where we begin to consciously underpin the root causes and problem levels through training of management and staff

  • security and safety monitoring, linked to the organization's regular business monitoring

  • crisis management training and practical support in crisis situations as part of a tailor-made solution for your business and needs

  • enhancement in building security and safety in connection with new- and rebuilding projects

FSD Resilience offers a preliminary study where we review and document your present situation and recommend measures that should be taken to increase security and safety. The study is tailored to your needs and wishes for creating an overview for your decision making.

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