Do you store or handle hazardous chemicals?

In that case, your activities may be affected by the Swedish Act on Preventing and Restricting the Effects of Major Chemical Accidents which originated in the EU Seveso III Directive. The objective is to prevent and limit large-scale chemical accidents.

It is the amount of hazardous substances that is handled or may be handled at a site that determines whether or not you are subjected to the Act and on what level.
Sites with Seveso activities at the higher level of requirements are subject to produce a safety report and environmental permit requirements. For sites with Seveso activities at the lower level of requirements, registration and action programs are required.

FSD Resilience offers to help you with:

  • reviewing of the organization
  • reviewing of existing documents
  • compilation and planning of further work
  • preparation of a security report and action programs to your organization and the responsible authorities
  • preparation of other relevant documents in the security report and action program as well as other documents to your organization and other authorities
  • participation in reporting to the responsible authority
  • participation at the inspection by the authority
  • acting as a Seveso Feedback Manager
  • being a strategic partner for Seveso matters
  • emergency plans that ensure that your organization manages an event so that environmental impact is minimized and operations can quickly return to normal after an accident
  • training of management and relevant personnel regarding responsibility and routines under the Seveso Act
  • workshops and management trainings and exercise to ensure that your organization are confident in their roles.

FSD Resilience offers a preliminary study where we review and document the present situation. We recommend measures that should be taken to ensure that your business is in compliance with SEVESO legislation. The study is tailored to provide an overview of your needs and opportunities.

Let us help you with this!

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