We design complete fire protection solutions for new and existing tunnels;

  • Fire simulation with CFD
  • Tunnel evacuation design
  • Risk analyses
  • Design of load-bearing and separating structures, taking account of the problem of cracking

Standard fire for buildings poorly reflects the actual course of a tunnel fire. In particular, the heating rate differs significantly compared to more realistic tunnel fires or standard curves specially adapted for tunnels.

In general, the tendency of concrete to crack depends largely on the high vapour pressures formed during heating and this increases in the presence of compressive stresses from external loads. The higher moisture content of concrete in the outdoor environment, combined with the higher heating rate, means that the problem of cracking must always be taken into account when designing tunnels.

Design measures are governed by the probability of the concrete cracking, in combination with the consequence of collapse. With cutting-edge expertise, FSD can develop optimised solutions for the problem of concrete structures in tunnels cracking.

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