The risk and vulnerability assessment is a tool for creating a sense of security and improving preparedness for the risks your business faces. One of the main points of the analysis is that the people involved become aware of the risk picture. This drastically improves the conditions for safe work in everyday life. The analysis can handle any type of crisis event, from a natural disaster to the loss of an employee or the loss of the company’s largest subcontractor. The most important thing is that the scenarios are chosen based on the specific business.

We work with various risk and vulnerability analysis tools, such as ROSA, MVA and IBERO, to systematically review the enterprise’s risks. We start from the needs, circumstances and requirements of your business and, in consultation with you, we choose the most suitable tool. All the methods meet the requirements of the laws governing risk and vulnerability analysis in municipalities, county councils and other government agencies.

Within our group, we have a company working on Resilience and Safety. Fire Safety Design Resiliens AB was established in 2018. Among other things, we support you in your daily work, where business-critical processes are examined from a risk and vulnerability perspective. We assess your company’s resilience with respect to extraordinary events from a global perspective. The approach and methodology is based on our safety culture since 1977.

Resilience is a measure of the ability of a company or organisation to resume production or services to its customers after being exposed to any kind of serious problem – no matter what. We help you take control of the risks and manage the unexpected.

Together with our partners, we offer services in Physical Security, Personal Security, Information Security and Climate and Sustainability. You can read more at www.fsdr.se.

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